Divisor Drips and
Square Root Waves

Prime Numbers are the Holes in
Complex Composite Number Patterns


I would like to thank Dr. David Burton, Professor of Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University, where I failed Math. Dr. Burton encouraged me to pursue my love for patterns and geometry, which lead to an appreciation for math. Like Dr. Burton, I want to inspire young people to appreciate math through art and visual studies.

I also want to thank Robert Sacks, for making the number spiral, which influenced my approach, and after contacting him, for his many ideas and suggestions concerning relationships of the divisor plot to the number spiral - and for new discoveries in terms of parabolas.

Thanks to Ralph Abraham, mathematician and chaos theorist, for supporting my ideas and adding a link to the divisor plot in his web site:

Thanks to David Espinosa, for help with math, and for general brilliance. Thanks to Hector Sabelli for inspirational conversations, and a healthy viewpoint on how mathematics relates to art, psychology, and philosophy. Thanks to Tom Barbalet for great discussions on the nature of number and space, and for advice on the writing of this book.

And finally, thanks to Beth O'Sullivan, for her great mind, strong heart, wonderful homemade soup, and observations on prime number patterns.

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